Going through debt issues is tough, but it is even tougher when you feel like the whole world is against you, including your trustee.  When I met Rebecca I had been to see two other trustees from different companies for advice, counsel and for service; but it wasn't until I met Rebecca Frederick that I finally was able to get my finances in order.  Rebecca was knowledgable and fair, she spoke openly and without judgement on my options, the procedure and her role in the proceedings.  She managed to do this with compassion and understanding, maintaining her professional role as trustee while navigating those emotional waters.  She also was willing to work swiftly.  I cannot tell you how much peace it gave me to have the creditors stop calling and to finally be able to budget for my future; knowing that those past honest financial mistakes were not going to keep haunting me forever. If you think you are in trouble with your finances, I would strongly recommend speaking to Rebecca sooner rather than later, not only for resolution but for peace of mind.

C.S. - Edmonton Alberta


Patience and dedication are two top things that stood out in Rebecca. Previous to meeting with Rebecca I was unaware of where my financial situation was at and was overwhelmed. Rebecca helped me real ease that the situation was manageable and broke it down into workable steps so I could reach financial freedom. I highly recommend Rebecca for independent business owners and individuals who may want to better their finances before considering bankruptcy.

M.R. - Lloydminister Alberta