Take a look around you and all that stuff you have around you. Imagine it all covered in water, best case scenario, sewage at the worst. Either way it's destroyed. And there may very little money coming your way to enable you to replace it - insurance might not cover it and disaster relief doesn't give you the full replacement value . You didn't have any time to get home from work to save anything. Thank god you got the cat out eventually- she was a little frazzled but otherwise fine. You come home to your house to work on it each evening and weekend as you continue to go to work during the day in borrowed clothes. Your struggling financially to replace general household items, pay the mortgage for a house that you can't live in and rent as well for the place you are living in temporarily. You also owe money on the truck that was at home when the water hit. You feel like you haven't seen your kids in weeks because they can't come with you, it's too dangerous. It's dangerous for you too - there is mold throughout the house and the sewage is clearly not great for your health either. Your leaning on all your friends and family - thank goodness they have been so great. You are so lucky because your neighbors just moved to Alberta from Ontario and they have no support system here yet so they are struggling except for the help of complete strangers who have come from all over to help. All in all, you are thankful you are all safe and sound.